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Perricone Crease 120x578

Marie Claire - October 2004 Lucy Liu's Secret...

"To keep her skin as firm as her teenage Hollywood rivals, Lucy, 35, takes collagen capsules daily as a natural alternative to going under the knife."
Price £39.99 per tub





Alternative- Please see Col-Boost


Protocol Mask

★★★★ £39.99


Tried & Tested Review

Key Ingredients

Collagen is the body's is the body's essential support structure and without it we would just be a pile of bones! Collagen accounts for 90% of the skin's volume. 


Other products with this ingredient

Col-boost Mask

★★★★★ £19.99

This face mask boosts collagen, detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin. Skin is left glowing and fresh. Best to exfoliate first with the microdermabrasion cream for maximum results.

Buy Now

About Protocol Mask

What are the Collagen Capsules ?


What is the Collagen Mask ?

Is this the best anti-ageing facemask system ever formulated? We certainly think so. With silk protein, collagen, papaya and sea fennel this soothing and nourishing mask has an active lifting effect. Radiant, silky skin requires nothing more than total relaxation for 15 minutes with this fantastic product.


This Rejuvenating Collagen Facemask can visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles by nourishing the skin. It has been designed so that the bio-active ingredients it contains penetrate the skin during the relaxing treatment. The formula includes fresh Royal Jelly, Aloe Vera and Hydrolised Silk Protein which is readily absorbed into the underlying tissue, and which in turn improves skin colour and texture. Users report a 'radiant complexion'


The collagen facemask has been formulated as a twice weekly treatment. 

Suitable for all skin types

Leaves skin silky soft and radiant

Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

Firms and tones the skin

Improves circulation

May also boost collagen production


Key Ingredients

  • Algae Extract - helps smooth fine lines and noticeably tighten the skin.

  • Pseudo Collagen - nourishing and anti-wrinkle.

  • Neroli Oil - helps with the regeneration of skin cells and improving skin elasticity. Particularly helpful with skin conditions such as thread veins, scarring and stretch marks.

  • Magnesium - plays an important role in maintaining cells balance.

  • Copper - it helps the body form red blood cells. It is also part of the body's production of ribonucleic acid (RNA), the protein that forms the nucleus of every cell.

  • Zinc - important for the growth of body cells, helps speed up the healing process and is commonly used for controlling acne.

  • Panthenol - metabolises in the skin to form Pantothenic Acid, a deep penetrating moisturiser, stimulates cell proliferation, promotes minor wound healing, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and is effective in treating acute sunburn.

  • Vitamin C - a free radical scavenger (anti-oxidant). Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin.

  • Vitamin E - penetrates into the skin and bio-converts to active Tocopherol, reduces UV induced lipid peroxidation and erthema, helps in wound healing, exhibits anti-inflammatory activity, protects cells from UV damage and environmental pollutants and scavenges free radicals.

  • Jojoba Oil - can help avoid dryness and lipid peroxidation - two of the most important causes of premature aging of the skin. Its extreme oxidative stability can help anti-oxidants avoid tissue damaging lipid peroxidation with its free radicals. Its excellent, light, non-occlusive emolliency is well recognised and as such is used to help prevent moisture loss.

  • Coral Seaweed - helps to tighten the skin. Rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

  • Aloe Vera - a soothing extract. Helps in the healing of wounds, minor burns, irritable rashes, stings and bites.

What properties does the facemask have ?

Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

  • Firms and tones the skin

  • Healing properties

  • Improves circulation

  • Nourishes the skin

  • May boost collagen production



    Proto-Col Rejuvenating Facemask System - makes between 15 and 20 masks

    The Ultimate Collagen Facemask Treatment. A twice weekly treatment for firmer, more radiant skin

    1. Apply to a thoroughly cleansed face.

    2. To apply the mask, start by following the cheekbone and smile line. Fan the mask out in an upward direction, using the wide end of the spatula provided. Apply thinly, smoothly and evenly.

    Eye area: Gently apply around the eye area. Begin at the outer corner of each eye, ensuring that you do not drag this delicate tissue. If the tissue is extremely lined the mask should be applied by gently patting on with fingertip.

    Forehead: Apply above the brow-line to the hairline, paying close attention to any frown lines between the eyebrows.

    3. Relax and recline for10-15 minutes. To remove the mask rinse with luke warm water dabbing the mask off gently with a soft cloth. Any excess mask which remains on the skin can be gently rubbed into the skin and will be absorbed.



    Will the mask set and need peeling off ?

    No. This is a hydrating mask which feeds and lubricates the delicate facial tissue. It will not set.


    How often do I need to use the mask ?

    You can use the mask as often or seldom as you like. Ideally it has been formulated as a twice weekly treatment, however many people find that one treatment per week gives great results improving both their skin tone texture and visible ‘age’


    When I remove the mask I’m left with little bits on my face. How should I remove the last traces

    The mask has been designed so that any small traces left after rinsing with luke warm water can be rubbed gently into the skin. The skin will absorb the cream.


    Should I apply any cream after the facemask ?

    You do not need to apply any cream after the facemask. However, many people like to use the silk firming treatment after the mask and it has been specially formulated to work in this capacity hand in glove.


    Do I need to recline during the treatment ?

    No. You can use the mask without taking 10-15 minutes to recline and put your feet up but we have found that the mask works most effectively if you do. It also allows you to unwind and de-stress and will aid circulation to the skin on your face as the mask gets to work.


  • The Capsules

    Proto-Col Beauty 100% Pure Collagen Capsules

    Proto-Col Collagen Beauty Formula is a daily nutritional supplement for skin, hair and nails. When used as directed, the results may include a glowing complexion with a reduction in frown lines, crows feet and nasal labial lines as it may help stimulate natural collagen production. Collagen may act to plump out the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


    It has also been found to strengthen brittle nails and studies have shown dramatic increases in the diameter of the hair ranging between 9.3% and 11.3% when collagen was ingested daily. Your hair should be stronger and more elastic as a result of taking collagen.


    Proto-Col Beauty Capsules are made from 100% Pure Hydrolysed Collagen. The capsules are compliant with year 2000 readiness requirements. Edible Food Regulation no. 1999/724 EC.


    Proto-Col Collagen Capsules can also have other benefits

    Collagen aids repair and regeneration of ligaments, tendons, joints and bones and improves the connective tissue of the skin. Numerous recent studies have shown collagen to be effective in the treatment of arthritis and joint pain.


    It can also stabilise the body’s immune system and helps neutralise production of abnormal molecular structures which is also known to be a major cause of joint problems and stiffness and provides the raw materials for the cartilage to rebuild.


    Collagen also allows protein to be bio-available and water soluble - meaning it can be absorbed readily.


    Key ingredients and their properties

    Collagen is a natural product which is made up of amino acids. It naturally contains glucosamine chondroitin (approximately 15% of each capsule).



    The minimum recommended dosage is 3 capsules per night. For maximum results the capsules should be taken prior to going to bed, as the first phase of sleep is that during which maximum repair and regeneration occurs. Do not eat 1 1/2 hours prior to taking the capsules, the emptier your stomach is the better.



    What is Collagen ?

    Collagen is a natural skeletal protein that represents around 80% of the total body protein of mammals. It is the major component of skeletal and connective tissue and provides structural support. It is found throughout the body - in skin, muscle, tendon, and bone. Fibres of collagen are woven together like threads in fabric to form a framework into which new cells can grow.


    Why is it beneficial to counter ageing ?

    From the Age of 25 it is thought your body loses collagen at 1.5 % every year (e.g. age 35 loss = 15%, age 45 loss = 30% etc.) therefore this system is designed to stimulate collagen production and help replace that loss.


    What is special about your product ?

    The products are a unique collagen system and are an alternative to having collagen and botox injections. The results are progressive, it works from within and the longer you stay on the products the better your results will be.


    Does it work for skin ?

    Yes, skin is the largest organ of the body. By supplementing internally with proto-Col 100% collagen capsules your skin will improve.


    Does it work for nails and hair ?

    Yes collagen has been found to strengthen brittle nails. The effect of daily collagen ingestion on the human scalp has been studied, this showed dramatic increases in the diameter of the hair ranging between 9.3% - 11.3%. The strength of the hair was also tested and this was found to have also increased. Your hair should be stronger and more elastic as a result of taking collagen.


    Does it work for reducing joint / muscle pain ?

    Numerous recent studies have shown collagen is effective in the treatment of artritis and joint pain.


    Are there any side effects ?



    What source is proto-Col Collagen ?

    Our Collagen is Bovine Collagen and comes from hide split. This is the same collagen as used in injections except that it is processed differently. As it is from a bovine source it is not suitable for vegetarians.


    I am on medication can I take the capsules ?

    You should always consult your doctor before starting any food supplement. Collagen is protein and is in many foodstuffs ie: egg white, meat, jelly etc, however your body cannot absorb the collagen from these foods, your stomach would break it down. proto-Col is in pure powder form and is able to penetrate the intestinal wall thus being absorbed into the body.


    How long will it take before I see results ?

    Everyone's body is different. Some people see results in the 1st week - others take a few weeks. It is important that you stick with the program for at least 3 months to give the collagen time to build up in your system.


    Click picture below to view

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    More information about Collagen Therapy


    Col-Boost x 1 back to top

     Collagen Gift Pack

    Col-boost collagen Capsules





    Used by celebrities for younger looking skin.

    Col-Boost Collagen Beauty Formula is a nutritional supplement for skin, nails & hair.

    Collagen Capsules★★★★★


    Col-boost collagen Capsules x
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    3 X Col Boost

    Cosmetic Bag



    Col-Boost Gift Pack x 1

    Free to Mainland U.K Post Total:£69.99

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    Col-Boost x 3 Col-Boost x 6

    Col-boost collagen CapsulesCol-boost collagen CapsulesCol-boost collagen Capsules

    Used by celebrities for younger looking skin.

    Col-Boost Collagen Beauty Formula is a nutritional supplement for skin, nails & hair.

    Collagen Capsules★★★★★


    Col-boost collagen Capsules x
    Free to Mainland U.K Post


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    Col-boost collagen CapsulesCol-boost collagen CapsulesCol-boost collagen Capsules

    Col-boost collagen CapsulesCol-boost collagen CapsulesCol-boost collagen Capsules

    Used by celebrities for younger looking skin.

    Col-Boost Collagen Beauty Formula is a nutritional supplement for skin, nails & hair.

    Collagen Capsules★★★★★


    Col-boost collagen Capsules x
    Free to Mainland U.K Post


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    Collagen Face Gel

    Collagen Face Cream

    Organic Collagen Gel

    Light easily absorbed gel contains Organic ingredients and does not make the skin feel sticky. This Collagen Gel gel is also suitable for use in conjunction with non surgical face lifting galvanic and machines. Boosts your own collagen production reducing wrinkles, it also increasing the availability of oxygen to the skin.



    Col-Boost Collagen Gel 100ml x 1 Free to Mainland U.K Post Total:£19.99 Sorry Out of Stock

    Organic Collagen Gel

    The collagen cream is packed with collagen boosting rejuvenating ingredients and It just melts into the skin. This collagen cream is one of the most powerful collagen creams available and its intensive formula instantly starts to help fill wrinkles, re-plump skin. and increases elasticity and firmness.



    Col-Boost Collagen Cream 50ml x 1

    Free to Mainland U.K Post Total:£39.99

    Sorry Out of Stock




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